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Technology to help you and your neighbours care for each other plants!

geplaatst op 23 april 19, 14:54 uur, door sophie mcdonald

Beste Neighbours!

My name is Sophie, and I am a PhD student exploring new and creative ways of using technology to support communities. I am currently looking for participants for a research study to take place in De Pijp in the coming months.

My project, Common Roots, helps you and your community care for each other’s plants between households, by watering your neighbours plants via the internet! When someone waters a plant in their home it will trigger the watering of a plant, selected randomly, in someone else’s home, and shows live who is watering whose plant. The system also encourages you and your neighbours to meet together in a local cafe for a coffee, by way of an automated and/or manual invite button.

Previously I ran the study in a block of flats with great success, and I now hope to run the project in a wider but local community. Participants will host a plant and watering system in their home for 3 months, and be required to complete some questionnaires, an interview, and attend a group introduction meeting.

There will be €30 offered on completion of the study as a token of our appreciation.

ALL WELCOME! Would you like to find out more? Please reply with any questions, or email me, Sophie, at