The Holy Dinner by Marco Tiberio

donderdag 4 april 2019   |   17:00 - 22:00 uur   |   artKITCHEN gallery


Marco Tiberio from Defrost Studio is going to host his first solo exhibition at ArtKitchen Gallery. Drawing from Marco’s ironic production, and especially its first two publications (Immorefugee and Enlarge Magazine) we will investigate a hidden link between art and religion. Are artists becoming way too religious about their art and creativity? 

It is evident that we are all pressured by this non-social society to a stubborn and disorderly race towards the affirmation of ambiguous originalities and true uniqueness.

In our world, relentlessly centred on individuality and on the private sphere, rather than on the collective, we are all intent on creating a different and more interesting picture of ourselves and our work. An image that other people can like and buy, but which in the end is entirely fragile and standardized. And this clearly applies to the artistic and photographic field above all, where, in the time of Instagram, the exaltation of our own ego has become an addiction.

A bit tired of hearing more and more empty stories about artistic projects, and conscious of the fact that we also have this attitude, Defrost Studio want to propose a debunk that will take the form of a collective exhibition of all the works produced till now.

On this occasion, artKITCHEN Gallery will be transformed into a real religious shop where you will be able to see and buy the souvenirs of our religion, from wine to holy water, through memorial candles, publications and postcards.
In addition to this a very juicy dinner will tickle your palate and challenge the connection between art and religion.

Come join us 

Thursday 4th April from 5 pm at artKITCHEN gallery, Hemonylaan 6a, Amsterdam

17:00 opening exhibition
18:00 start evening program - TICKETS REQUIRED
18:30 The hHoly Thursday Meal
19:00 performance Piero Manzoni
19:30 blessing ceremony for purchased artwork

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